A Comparison of the Canon EOS R3 and R5 Mirrorless Cameras

The Canon EOS R3 and EOS R5 are the company's two most powerful full frame cameras at the moment, offering powerful though different feature sets at two distinct price points. So, which is right for your work? This great video review takes a good look at both cameras to help you decide which is right for your needs.

The Problem With Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets come with a mixed bag of acceptance. Some think they are an abomination to a learned skill and craft and should never be used, whereas others enjoy the look and feel they provide to their images. It's not just as black and white as that, and it's down to the individual whether to use them or not, but one thing to make no mistake about is the time it takes to create them.

A Look at Using ND Filters for Landscape Photography

ND filters are tremendously useful for landscape photographers, giving you far more creative control over your images and the abiilty to make photos that simply would not be possible otherwise. If you are new to landscape photography, check out this neat video that features an experienced photographer showing you some of what you can accomplish with one.

How to Photograph and Style Ice Cream

Needless to say, there's a fair few logistical complexities when photographing ice cream. After shooting for a vegan ice cream brand for a couple of years now, here are my best tips for running a smooth shoot when you’re capturing ice cream.

How Much Does Image Quality Really Matter?

Modern cameras and lenses offer remarkably good image quality — levels that were only dreamed of even just a decade ago. And with those increased capabilities have come increased standards and expectations. But at this point, how much image quality do we really need? This interesting video poses the question and examines a scenario where getting the shot might take precedence.

Try This Weird but Simple Technique for Better Photo Compositions

A good composition is a tricky and often elusive thing, particularly since it is not as easily objectively codified as something like the right camera settings for a given scene or situation. As such, any heuristic tricks to go about finding a compelling composition are worth knowing. This excellent video tutorial details one such trick and why it can be really useful.

The Lightroom-Killing Catalog System From Mylio: Access Your Photos Anywhere

Good organization skills are crucial in almost every business environment. The same obviously applies to professional photographers, especially when it comes to managing photos. Many photographers will use the built-in catalog system available in Lightroom. However, a company called Mylio may have a much better solution available for you.

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Sharp Photos

Sharpness is one of the most fundamental and crucial aspects of a good image, and there are a lot of aspects and techniques you need to have down pat to ensure consistently successful photos. If you are new to photography, check out this awesome video tutorial that discusses some important tips and techniques for ensuring you get sharp photos every time.

How Much Lens Does $13,000 Get You?

Canon's supertelephoto prime lenses are some of the most extreme lenses out there in terms of image quality, performance, and yes, price. If you are able and willing to shell out for one, though, you can generally expect a superlative experience. So, what exactly does that $13,000 get you? This neat video takes a casual look at the Canon RF 600mm f/4 L IS USM lens to answer that question.

Grand Prize Winner Withdraws From 'Outdoor Photographer' Competition

Outdoor Photographer awarded the grand prize of their "Great Outdoors 2021" to a composite image that violates the rules of the competition as stated on the official website. This controversy gives rise to an ethical question regarding photography competitions that fail to enforce their own rules.

A Review of the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II Lens

24-70mm f/2.8 lenses are the workhorses of choice for a wide variety of photographers and filmmakers, suitable for anything from weddings to landscape work and much more. Sony recently released the second iteration of their version, the FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II, and this great video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

The Fundamentals of Lighting Portraits

When it comes to portrait photography, learning to work with artificial lighting will make you far more versatile and enable creative opportunities that simply would not be possible otherwise. If that is something you would like to start diving into, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you the fundamentals and have you ready to tackle your first shoot.

6 Reasons Your Photos Aren't as Sharp as You Want

Sharp images are the desire of every photographer, but there are many factors that can derail that pursuit and leave you with frustratingly soft photos. If you are struggling to get crisp shots, check out this helpful video tutorial that discusses six reasons your photos are not as sharp as you would like them to be and what you can do to fix those issues.

Creating Photographers, Not Consumers: Canon's Creator Lab and Student Advantage Program

Canon Canada just launched Canon Creator Lab as part of what I'm calling its new community-building mandate. A lot of corporations these days talk about building community, about creating a space to encourage growth. Most of it seems to be lip service at best. Here, however, we're seeing Canon Canada invest time and money into a free hub designed to help photographers get better while actually connecting with each other. Being a Canadian, I'm proud that Canon's Canadian operation is looking to lead the global photography community into this space.

Why You Should Consider a Telephoto Zoom Lens for Landscape Photography

When you think of landscape photography, you probably think of using a lens with a wider focal length range, such as a 16-35mm. Of course, there is a reason such lenses are so widely used, but they are not the only option. In fact, much longer focal lengths can create equally compelling photos. This excellent video tutorial will show why a telephoto zoom lens can help you create eye-catching landscape photos.

5 Powerful Tips for Editing Photos in Lightroom

Almost every landscape photo requires some degree of editing to create a finished product. Lightroom is far more powerful than it used to be and offers some impressively capable and efficient tools for editing your images. This excellent video tutorial will show you five tips that will make your Lightroom landscape image editing both easier and better.

Learn How to Light and Photograph This Cinematic Portrait

Lighting portraits is about more than simply creating a technically correct exposure and rendering your subject in a flattering way. It is your chance to create a certain atmosphere and develop a recognizable personal style. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to use hard lighting to create a cinematic portrait.

10 of the Best Sony Lenses

Sony has expanded their lens lineup quite a bit in the past few years, and they now offer a wide range of focal length options for many applications and budgets. If you are wondering which lenses are right for your work, check out this great video that features an experienced photographer discussing his 10 favorite Sony lenses.

A Beginner's Mistake in Photography That Can Last a Career

I have likely made a great many mistakes over the course of my photography career, but one could well still be impacting me today. The question is, are you making it, and if you are, should you do anything to change?

Skills and Secrets of Shooting Stunning Seascapes

Seascape photography is so different from shooting landscapes. Its dynamic nature makes it one of our most exciting and challenging subjects. The distinct difficulties of capturing the ocean require a different set of skills and learning some of the secrets of the sea.

How to Straighten a Tilted Photo in Photoshop Without Cropping

We've all done it: you've taken an image you like but the horizon isn't quite straight and you didn't give yourself enough room to crop without sacrificing your composition. Here is how you can easily straighten a tilted photograph without cropping by using Adobe Photoshop.

Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (June 2022): Creigh McIntyre

The Fstoppers community is brimming with creative vision and talent. Every day, we comb through your work, looking for images to feature as the Photo of the Day or simply to admire your creativity and technical prowess. In 2022, we're featuring a new photographer every month, whose portfolio represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Fstoppers community.

10 Mistakes This Full Time YouTuber Made That You Can Avoid

It is the dream of many to become a full-time YouTuber or content creator, particularly in photography. It is, however, an arduous pursuit with a low success rate. This full-time YouTuber goes through his top 10 mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Open: Applications For Canon Canada’s FUTURES Program (Year Two)

Canon Canada has opened applications for the second installment of its groundbreaking FUTURES program, geared to developing emerging photographers between 18 and 24. How often do we see major corporations make a point of nurturing, not just sharing five-minute videos, but actually committed to nurturing?

A Review of the Panasonic GH6 Mirrorless Camera

The GH6 is the latest entry in Panasonic's popular line of mirrorless micro four thirds cameras, and it brings with it a wide variety of improved capabilities and new features. This great video review takes a look at the camera and the sort of image quality and performance you can expect from it in practice.

9 Techniques Every New Photographer Should Learn to Create More Powerful Photo Edits

Knowing how to compose a frame and choose the right camera settings is only half of what it takes to create a good photo. The other half is knowing how to edit the file into a polished final image. If you are new to photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you nine effective techniques for creating more compelling and eye-catching images.

A Review of the Unique Samyang AF 75mm f/1.8 FE Lens

The Samyang AF 75mm f/1.8 FE offers a unique focal length in a lens that is quite lightweight and compact in addition to being very affordable, making it an interesting option for portrait photographers. This great video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

The Best Retouching Tools for Photographers

Fstoppers has teamed up with Infinite Tools to bring you the best retouching plugins online. These tools are relevant for every type of photographer and will dramatically speed up and improve any retouching workflow. We are offering them at 20% off in the Fstoppers Store through July 5th.

The Two Major Distractions Stopping You From Becoming a Great Photographer

We all want to improve our photography and get recognition for our work. However, there are two big distractions that we need to push aside to achieve success in our art. The first obstacle is the largest. Usually hailed as the key to photographic success, it has more disadvantages than helpful attributes.

f/0.95 for $218: How Good Is the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 Lens?

A 50mm lens with a very wide maximum aperture can tackle a wide variety of scenarios and needs ranging from portraiture to events coverage. Nonetheless, such lenses can easily run north of $2,000, which makes the $218 price tag on the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 lens particularly eye-catching. Can it offer much at that price point, though? This great video review takes a look at its image quality and price to answer that question.

Landscape Photography and Self-Expression

What urges you to travel, hike, and camp out for landscape photography? How do your emotions affect what you shoot and how the output turns out?

5 Tips for Shooting Backlit Portraits

Backlit portraits can be a fantastic way to add drama and visual interest to a photo, but they also require some special considerations to get the effect you want and to maintain the best possible image quality. If you would like to improve your backlit portraits, check out this great video tutorial that features five excellent tips to help you get your photos just right.

Common Portrait Photography Composition Mistakes

Creating a successful portrait photograph takes knowledge of lighting, posing, proper camera settings, and a lot more. A good composition brings it all together, though with a person as the main focus, you have to make some special considerations. This helpful video tutorial discusses seven common mistakes photographers make when composing portrait images and how to fix them or avoid them entirely in the first place.

Your Images are Making Me Fall Asleep

It's time to be honest with yourself. It's time to ask some hard questions about your work and answer them straightforwardly, even if you hurt your own feelings. Grab a pen and paper, drop your ego, and tackle these questions.

How to Add Artificial Light to a Natural Light Scene

Adding artificial light to your natural light scene is a relatively simple technique that you can use to create an image that depicts the scene more dramatically than it appeared to your eyes when you were there.

Step Up Your Street Photography by Embracing the Darkness

What a time to be alive for photography! Advances in technology, combined with reduction in pricing and the “gear wars” that brands wage against each other continue to make image-making hardware of the highest quality more and more accessible to the every person. This market process continues to make it possible for us to minimize sacrifices in image quality we once made when shooting in less than optimal conditions.

Why and How Back-button Autofocus Can Improve Your Photography

The default behavior of pretty much every camera is to activate autofocus through a half-press of the shutter button. This works perfectly well for most scenarios, but you can often improve your experience and hit rate by using a different method: back-button autofocus. This helpful video will show you why it is so useful and how to take advantage of it.

5 Questions To Ask on a Discovery Call

You’ve received an enquiry from a potential new client and you’re looking forward to booking them in. Here are five questions to ask on your discovery call to make sure you understand what the client needs and that you can quote for the job accurately.