Making sure you know everything there is to know about the electrical, heating and cooling systems in your home.

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      Family Handyman Approved: Wago Lever Nuts

      Wary of cheap, twist-on wire nuts? Then try these from Wago.

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      What To Know About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

      To better protect your home and family from the devastation of a fire, consider investing in a residential fire sprinkler...

      How to Choose Dining Room Light Fixtures

      Want to give your dining room a new look? Something simple like a new light fixture can make a huge...

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      Bathroom Light Fixtures Buying Guide

      Bathroom lighting merits as much attention as in any other room. For safety, utility and relaxation, choose bathroom light fixtures...

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      We Tried It: Flo By Moen Smart Water Valve

      Ready to learn about your water usage and save money? The Flo by Moen smart water valve might be just...

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      What Is a Sump Pump?

      Standing water in your home can lead to structural problems and health hazards. One solution is a sump pump.

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      10 Best Pendant Light Fixtures for Your Home

      From a Mobius loop of acrylic to pastel matte metal, the latest in lighting is here. Check out these 10...

      If Your Car Has No Heat, This Is What It Could Mean

      Driving a car on a cold day with no heat is annoying and a safety hazard. If it's because of...

      New Homeowner’s Guide To Water Heaters

      A water heater accounts for almost 20 percent of a home's energy use! Keep energy efficiency and your hot water...

      How To Replace the Heating Element in an Electric Oven

      Electric oven heating element replacement is a surprisingly simply DIY fix. Here's everything you need to know.

      10 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

      Add brightness and style to your kitchen with these lighting ideas from Instagram.

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      Buyer’s Guide To LED Bedroom Lights

      The right LED lighting in the bedroom can create an inviting atmosphere that promotes calm, relaxation and, of course, sleep.

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      Hot Water Recirculating Pump: What To Know Before You Buy

      Say goodbye to waiting for hot water. A hot water recirculating pump provides a warm shower on demand.

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      We Tried It: Aura Air Purifier

      Monitor and clean you air with one device. The Aura Air does it all!

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      10 Best Recessed Lights to Buy for Your Home

      Recessed lights can be used to provide ambiance or accent illumination. If you're in the market, here's a roundup of...

      5 Best Ways to Unclog A Drain Without Chemicals

      Need to clear up a clog but don't want to mess with any chemicals? Here's how.

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      Light Bulb Buyer’s Guide

      LEDs are in. Incandescents are out. Here's everything else you need to know about choosing light bulb types for your...

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      10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting Options

      Under cabinet lights are perfect for illuminating countertop workspaces and setting an ambient mood. Here are 10 noteworthy options.

      22 Simple Heating and Air Conditioning Fixes

      Even a beginner can solve common furnace and air conditioning problems — and save money!

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      Track Lighting Buyer’s Guide

      If you think track lighting is an ugly strip of spotlights attached to the ceiling, think again! Here's what you...

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      10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

      Bedroom lighting is often overlooked. These lighting ideas provide the visibility you need from dawn to dusk.

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      How to Use a Light Tester to Fix Christmas Lights

      A simple tester helps you fix holiday light strings fast.

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      Do You Need a Cabin Furnace?

      Wondering if you should invest in a furnace for your getaway cabin or vacation home? Here are some key considerations...

      9 Best Water Heaters of 2022

      From dishes to laundry to showers, so many household tasks depend on a water heater. We selected nine reliable options...

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      8 Best Garage Heaters

      Whether you use your garage for storage, vehicle parking or a DIY workshop, the right garage heater can make all...

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      Highest-Rated Furnace Brands for 2021

      Shopping for a furnace? Let us help you narrow the field with an overview of the best furnace brands for...

      What to Know About Recessed Lighting

      Recessed lighting, or canned lights, add a clean, minimalistic look to any room. It can be used to illuminate whole...

      Is Getting a Garage Heater Worth It?

      Garage heaters can turn your garage into a functional, usable space even in the dead of winter. But is the...

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      How To Choose the Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

      New bathroom light fixtures can radically change the look of a bathroom, from sparse and utilitarian to warm and luxurious.

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      How Are Grow Lights Different From Regular Light Bulbs?

      You don't need a green thumb to keep the thyme and aloe alive all winter. What you need is a...