Utility Trailers

Every jobsite or DIYer needs a good utility trailer – here’s how to repair and maintain yours.

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    How to Hook Up a Trailer

    Don’t lose your $25,000 boat or worse yet, kill someone.

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    How to Choose a Trailer Brake Controller

    Learn the options available for trailer brake controllers, how break controllers work and how to know which brake controller is...

    Selecting a Tow Hitch

    How to find the correct drop or rise height before choosing your new tow hitch ball mount

    Trailer Lights That Always Work

    LED lights and individual grounds make trailer lighting dependable

    Utility Trailer Upgrades

    Upgrade taillights, tow balls and connections, tie-downs and more

    Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

    This task only takes and hour and will avoid a costly trailer repair.

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    When to Replace Trailer Tires

    You see trailers broken down on the side of the road all the time.

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    How to Buy the Right Ball Mount For Safe Towing

    In order to tow a trailer safely, the tongue must be level with the road.

    Removing a Trailer Hitch Ball

    Remove a rusted trailer hitch with penetrating fluid and air power