Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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      What To Do if You Have Clay Garden Soil

      Home gardeners often regard clay soil with dread. But clay soil can be beneficial to your garden — if you know how to treat it right.

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      What Is Clay Soil?

      Everyone's heard of clay soil, but do you really know what it is? If your garden beds are clay, here's...

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      9 Vegetables To Plant in Winter

      For much of the U.S., there's no need to shut down the garden once winter rolls in. Here's what to...

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      Homeowner’s Guide To Garden Soil Treatment for the Winter

      In winter, your garden can still be working, creating rich beds for spring planting. From compost to cover crops, here...

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      The Best Summer Color Plants for Northern Gardeners

      Let's plan a garden! Here's a look at 12 of the best hardy plants that survive Northern winters and bloom...

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      What Is Subsoil and How Does It Help a Garden?

      Learn about subsoil's role in your garden's success and how to make it healthier.

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      9 Adaptive Tools To Make Gardening With Disabilities Easier

      Gardening can be relaxing and therapeutic. These adaptive gardening tools help those with limitations enjoy their time in the garden.

      This Is Why You Should Grow a Firethorn Bush

      Plant a firethorn bush in your backyard to welcome birds and bees while providing year-round beauty. This shrub features...

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      4 Innovative Camping Lanterns and Emergency Lights

      Whether you're heading out with your tent or prepping for the next power outage, these camping lanterns and emergency lights...

      If Your Plant Leaves Have Brown Tips, This is What it Means

      Noticing brown tips on leaves of your indoor plants? Solve the problem with proper watering and fertilizing tips from a...

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      Gardener’s Guide To Soil Horizons

      From topsoil to bedrock, soil horizons are like a textbook for determining your soil's health and how to optimize it...

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      Smokeless Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

      Learn how you can keep your smokeless fire pit in top shape for years of enjoyable, smoke-free gatherings.

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      When Is the Best Time of Year for a Soil Test?

      Knowing what's in your dirt is an easy way to green up your thumb, but the test isn't a no-brainer....

      How To Garden with Perlite Potting Soil

      Perlite, a natural wonder born from volcanoes, is an inexpensive soil additive that will help your garden plants grow faster...

      How To Garden With Vermiculite

      Versatile vermiculite helps your garden, potted plants, seedlings and lawn germinate and grow more quickly.

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      8 Best Garden Scooters for Easy Gardening

      Kick off spring gardening with a new garden scooter. These mobile seats make plant- and turf-tending so much easier on...

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      12 Best Native Plants for Northern Gardeners

      Looking for new native plants for your USDA Zone 3 landscape? These shrubs, perennials and grasses can survive temperatures as...

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      Smokeless Fire Pit: What To Know Before You Buy

      Do you love the camaraderie found around a campfire but hate the eye-stinging smoke? Then you need to check out...

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      8 Best Smokeless Fire Pits

      If you love a good campfire but hate the sting of smoke in your eyes, our roundup of the best...

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      What To Know About Loam Soil for Your Garden

      Gardeners love loam soil because it's moist, soft and full of nutrients. Here's how to get more of it in...

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      What Is Composted Manure and How Can It Benefit Gardening?

      No jokes here, just straight info on how composted manure enhances your garden's health.

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      The Importance Of Sulfur In Your Garden

      In your garden soil, sulfur is as important to your plants' vitality as phosphorus. Here's what you need to know...

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      7 Best Indoor Gardening Kits and Systems for 2022

      Indoor gardening is growing in popularity. When you're ready to give it a try, here are some top indoor garden...

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      What’s In the Best Garden Soil?

      Four key factors make up the healthiest garden soil composition. All are essential for thriving, lush gardens.

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      Homeowner’s Guide To Living Walls

      Tantalizing or time-consuming: Is a living wall right for your home?

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      12 Best Spring Blooming Plants for Northern Gardeners

      Winter is the best time to plan next year's garden. These 12 spring blooming, hardy perennials and shrubs can survive...

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      How To Improve Garden Soil in Winter

      Use these tips to improve your garden soil in winter to make sure it's ready to go (and grow!) in...

      The Heated Vest Amazon Reviewers Rave About

      Stay cozy on frigid winter nights with this genius battery-powered heated vest.

      Should You Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden?

      Should you save your coffee grounds and add them to your garden soil? Learn how the garden expert says gardeners...

      9 Winter Window Box Ideas

      Boost curb appeal this season with these winter window box ideas including festive greenery, hardy flowers and bright holiday accents.