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      Family Handyman Approved: Hart Brushless Reciprocating Saw

      This reciprocating saw from Hart Tools is a powerful, all-in-one cutting tool with a brushless motor that DIYers will love.

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      How to Keep Cats From Killing Birds

      Domestic cats kill millions of birds every year. Don't let your feline contribute to the total. Here's how to keep...

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      How To Babyproof Drawers and Cabinets

      These tips from a certified expert make childproofing drawers and cabinets a snap.

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      Family Handyman Approved: Wago Lever Nuts

      Wary of cheap, twist-on wire nuts? Then try these from Wago.

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      Having Trouble Finding Bleach? Here’s What To Use Instead

      Bleach is hard to find right now. Experts recommend these three bleach alternatives for cleaning.

      We Tried This Endoscope and Were Surprised How Useful It Is for DIYers

      Have you ever wanted to see behind a wall or into a difficult-to-reach small space? Then you’ll want an endoscope.

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      This Car-Cleaning Putty Is All over TikTok — Here’s Why

      This fun-looking car-cleaning putty even gets weird, crusty stuff out of your AC vents.

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      How To Make DIY Cleaning Slime

      This handy cleaning slime is great for getting all the crumbs, dirt and dust out of hard-to-reach places.

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      How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

      Of course there's no simple answer, but here are some ways to get a ballpark estimate and ideas for saving...

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      How To Clean Gold

      Regular cleanings boost gold's characteristic shine and preserve it for generations to come. Here are pro-recommended methods for how to...

      Why Lumber Prices Are Soaring Again in 2022

      After normalizing in the second half of 2021, lumber prices are skyrocketing again. Here's why.

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      How To Clean Silver

      These DIY methods and top-rated products help clean silver and keep it looking beautiful.

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      What To Know About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

      To better protect your home and family from the devastation of a fire, consider investing in a residential fire sprinkler...

      This Amazon Cat Toy Has More Than 39,000 Feline Fans

      Our pet editor explains why this cat toy is so widely beloved.

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      10 Storage & Organization Essentials Professional Home Organizers Swear By

      The right tools make it easy to get rid of clutter and keep it away.

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      Why Won’t My Car Start in the Cold?

      Cars don't like the cold. Frigid temperatures weaken batteries, but they also affect other automotive systems that can keep an...

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      Most House Fires Are Caused By These 5 Things

      House fires are devastating and often could be avoided if the residents paid closer attention to what's going on in...

      This Is How Much Gas You Should Keep in Your Tank

      Keeping your tank at least one-quarter filled can help prevent damage and extend the life of your car.

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      13 Best Car Detailing Tools

      Professional detailers swear by these car detailing tools to keep their vehicles looking new.

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      Types of Saws and When To Use Them

      Whether you're a woodworker, hobbyist or a home repair specialist, you need saws. Here's some help for choosing the right...

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      11 Clever Ways To Repurpose Takeout Containers

      From seed trays to canine hydration on the go, here are some ideas for what to do with all of...

      16 Best Home Depot Home Décor Pieces

      These Home Depot home décor finds are designer-approved and more affordable than you think. Here's what you need to know.

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      Have You Heard of IFTTT? Here’s What to Know

      If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, puts the internet to work for you. We gave it a try...

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      We Tried It: Flo By Moen Smart Water Valve

      Ready to learn about your water usage and save money? The Flo by Moen smart water valve might be just...

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      How To Safely Jump Start a Car With Jumper Cables

      Follow these simple steps to make good, safe connections and jump a car.

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      How To Potty Train a Dog

      Learning how to potty train a dog is an important first step in new pet ownership, and it will help...

      How To Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

      Here’s the plan — don’t neglect the fan.

      A Pet Camera To Keep an Eye on Your Furry Friends

      Miss your dog while you're away? The Furbo Dog Camera keeps you connected with real-time video, a treat dispenser and...

      How To Check Your Antifreeze

      What is antifreeze, why do you need to check it and what are you looking for? We've got answers to...

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      5 Tips for Getting Dog Smell Out of Your House

      Can't rid your home of a certain pet odor? Here are five expert recommended tips for how to get rid...