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      We Tried the AccuBrush MX Paint Edger That Makes Cutting In a Breeze

      One of the many weekend projects on your to-do list happens to be painting a room, but it's so time-consuming you can’t get motivated to start. We tried the AccuBrush MX Paint Edger to see if it could speed up the process.


      How to Restore a Vintage Console Stereo

      Vintage style, modern sound!

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      Multimeter Symbol Guide

      When you need a multimeter for testing electrical equipment around the home, it's vital to know what all those symbols...

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      Family Handyman Approved: Wago Lever Nuts

      Wary of cheap, twist-on wire nuts? Then try these from Wago.

      How To Build a Spinning Bar Cabinet

      This round cabinet has shelves that spin to hide, or show what's inside.

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      Reclaimed Wood: What To Know Before You Buy

      Save the forests and add rustic charm to your home by building with reclaimed wood. Here are some tips to...

      How To Build a Modern Wooden Floor Lamp

      Make your own statement light fixture with this elegant woodworking project.

      How To Build a DIY Danish Modern Chair

      You don't need a bunch of fancy, expensive tools to build this chair. Read on to learn how.

      Family Handyman Approved: Zircon HD900 MultiScanner

      An easy-to-use stud finder and scanner, ideal for all levels of DIYer.

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      Family Handyman Approved: Ryobi RS290G Random Orbit Sander

      Here's why we like this affordable random orbit sander from Ryobi.

      The Eleven Percent: Meet Judaline Cassidy, Professional Plumber

      New York City's "feminist plumber" talks about essential workers, inspiring young women to join the trades and what's in her...

      How to Make a DIY Storage Ottoman

      Build this footstool and gain a perfect place to stow your stuff.

      5 Eye-Catching Window Painting Ideas

      Whether you like going big or prefer something more modest, these paint tips will give your windows a little extra...

      12 Common Woodworking Terms You Should Know

      Novice woodworkers on the path to becoming confident woodworkers must learn the language and lingo to better understand instructions and...

      How to Use a Wood Chisel

      Tips for sharpening and using one of the carpenter's basic tools, the wood chisel.

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      6 Most Innovative Paint Technologies

      Painting the interior or exterior of a home keeps getting easier, and paint quality keeps improving. Check out these six...

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      18 Common Electrical Terms You Should Know

      Electricians know these electrical terms and you should too, especially if you plan to save money by doing basic electrical...

      How to Build a DIY Raised Dog Feeder

      Build this raised dog feeder so the Fido in your life can eat their daily kibble in style.

      Never Get Rid of an Old Phone Without Doing These 6 Things First

      Take these cell phone precautions before you hand off a trove of personal information to a total stranger.

      10 Woodworking Joints You Should Know

      Woodworking joints can be strong and beautiful at the same time. Learn about these classic types of joinery used by...

      How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Storage Bench

      Embrace Mid-Century Modern style with this fully-functional storage bench. This project was part of a larger entryway makeover project consisting...

      How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Coat Rack

      This classy coat rack will have guests begging to hang up their jackets. It was part of a larger entryway...

      How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Shelf

      This eye-catching Mid-Century Modern shelf will add style and grace to any living space. It was part of a larger...

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      Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?

      Yes, you can paint vinyl windows. But no, we don't recommend it. Here's why.

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      GIE+EXPO Changes Name After Fourteen Years

      Big changes are coming to one of the country's most popular trade shows.

      How to Build Beautiful Faux Ceiling Beams

      Build these faux beams to finish the industrial, farmhouse, rustic or modern style of your home's interior.

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      Peel and Stick Flooring: What to Know Before You Buy

      This temporary flooring option is an inexpensive alternative to tile or hardwood.

      Firewood Measurements: What Do They Mean?

      Do you need a full cord or just a half-pallet this winter? Understanding what firewood measurements mean will help you...

      Best Paint for Bathroom Walls

      Confused about which paint to use in your home's dampest environment? We asked an expert about how to choose the...

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      15 Common Plumbing Terms You Should Know

      Every house has plumbing, and if you want to understand yours, you've got to know the lingo. You'll have more...