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      Family Handyman Approved: Hart Brushless Reciprocating Saw

      This reciprocating saw from Hart Tools is a powerful, all-in-one cutting tool with a brushless motor that DIYers will love.

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      7 Tools You Need for a DIY Oil Change

      With the right tools, changing your oil yourself is a breeze. These seven tools will make your oil change go...

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      We Tried the AccuBrush MX Paint Edger That Makes Cutting In a Breeze

      One of the many weekend projects on your to-do list happens to be painting a room, but it's so time-consuming...

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      8 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners

      Instead of throwing out your dull drill bits, use one of these handy drill bit sharpeners to keep them ready...

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      6 Best Chain Saw Sharpeners

      A dull chainsaw is not only inefficient but reduces the lifespan of the saw itself. The solution? A chainsaw sharpener....

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      9 Best Paints for Interior Walls

      Choosing the right interior wall paint for your next room refresh can save you time and money. Here are some...

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      9 Types of Wood Router Tools

      A router tool shapes edges, cuts mortises and holes and makes cutouts and grooves. Here's a list of router types...

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      12 Woodworking Hand Tools

      Woodworking requires many tools without any cords or batteries. Here are the essential hand tools for successful woodworking projects.

      Family Handyman Approved: Rise Personal Indoor Garden

      Ready to dive into indoor gardening for fresh produce? We put the Rise Gardens Personal Rise Garden through its paces,...

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      Family Handyman Approved: Wago Lever Nuts

      Wary of cheap, twist-on wire nuts? Then try these from Wago.

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      9 Best Flashlights of 2022

      When you need a flashlight, there are plenty of choices. Here are nine of your best options.

      We Tried This Endoscope and Were Surprised How Useful It Is for DIYers

      Have you ever wanted to see behind a wall or into a difficult-to-reach small space? Then you’ll want an endoscope.

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      This Car-Cleaning Putty Is All over TikTok — Here’s Why

      This fun-looking car-cleaning putty even gets weird, crusty stuff out of your AC vents.

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      7 Best Paints for Windows

      Want to transform window panes, glassware, vases and other glass objects? You can do it with paint, but not just...

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      Best Cordless Drills and Drivers for 2022

      Looking to buy a new cordless drill? We've rounded up some of the best options for you to consider.

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      8 Best Wood Glues

      Wondering about the best wood glue for your project? A pro woodworker offers his top wood glues and when DIYers...

      This Amazon Cat Toy Has More Than 39,000 Feline Fans

      Our pet editor explains why this cat toy is so widely beloved.

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      9 Adaptive Tools To Make Gardening With Disabilities Easier

      Gardening can be relaxing and therapeutic. These adaptive gardening tools help those with limitations enjoy their time in the garden.

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      9 Best Corded Drills of 2022

      Corded drills provide more power and performance than their cordless counterparts. Here's a roundup of some of the best options...

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      10 Storage & Organization Essentials Professional Home Organizers Swear By

      The right tools make it easy to get rid of clutter and keep it away.

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      The 9 Best Miter Saw Blades of 2022

      Shopping for a miter saw blade? Here's what to look for, along with nine great options to consider.

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      The 8 Best Table Saws of 2022

      Contractors, cabinetmakers, home improvement enthusiasts and amateur woodworkers all use them. These are some of the best table saws you...

      Family Handyman Approved: Zircon HD900 MultiScanner

      An easy-to-use stud finder and scanner, ideal for all levels of DIYer.

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      Family Handyman Approved: Ryobi RS290G Random Orbit Sander

      Here's why we like this affordable random orbit sander from Ryobi.

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      13 Best Car Detailing Tools

      Professional detailers swear by these car detailing tools to keep their vehicles looking new.

      16 Best Home Depot Home Décor Pieces

      These Home Depot home décor finds are designer-approved and more affordable than you think. Here's what you need to know.

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      4 Innovative Camping Lanterns and Emergency Lights

      Whether you're heading out with your tent or prepping for the next power outage, these camping lanterns and emergency lights...

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      We Tried It: Flo By Moen Smart Water Valve

      Ready to learn about your water usage and save money? The Flo by Moen smart water valve might be just...

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      Family Handyman Approved: Keen Utility Red Hook Work Boots

      A work boot that feels more like a sneaker.

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      10 Best Pendant Light Fixtures for Your Home

      From a Mobius loop of acrylic to pastel matte metal, the latest in lighting is here. Check out these 10...