The Canon EOS R3 Can Now Shoot an Incredible 195 FPS

The Canon EOS R3 Can Now Shoot an Incredible 195 FPS

The Canon EOS R3 was no slouch to begin with, with the ability to shoot 30 fps continuous bursts. With a new firmware update, however, Canon is blowing the doors off that speed with a new firmware update that allows the EOS R3 to shoot at a whopping 195 fps. 

EOS R3 firmware 1.2.0 was recently announced, and it brings with it a range of massive improvements:

  • New custom high-speed continuous mode that allows photographer to shoot between 2 and 50 images at frame rates between 30 and 195 fps. This mode works in both raw and JPEG, though exposure and autofocus must be locked. This is great for a variety of situations, such as horses jumping or baseball players batting. 
  • New 240p Full HD video mode.
  • New time-lapse mode.
  • New focus stacking mode that also works with the Canon Speedlite EL-1 and in-camera "depth compositing."
  • Enhanced digital image stabilization in movie mode.
  • New ability to crop and resize images during FTP transfer.

Altogether, firmware 1.2.0 looks like a major step forward for a camera that was already near the front of the pack in capabilities. These are just the headline features; check out Canon's site for the full rundown and download link, and let us know if you've given it a try!  

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Alex Armitage's picture

Never been able to take 50 out of focus and poorly composed images this fast in my life!!

Lawrence Huber's picture

Then stick with what you have and learn to compose and focus.

W Mitty's picture

From Webster's:

Tongue-in-cheek \ˈtəŋ-in-ˈchēk\ : characterized by irony, or whimsical exaggeration.

Lawrence Huber's picture

A preview of R1 speed that will have AF and exposure activated and still shoot full raw. Unlike the struggling Z9 at 11 mp JPEGS only..

jim blair's picture

z9 can shoot 120fps jpg with about a 700 image buffer with AF. This R3 upgrade is a joke in comparison with max 50 pics with variable frame rate, no AF. 195 fps shooting baseball, good luck timing that or anything.

Stuart C's picture

Fanboy spotted.

Juan Isaias Perez's picture

This might be a great tool to shoot lightning with an auto trigger.

Russell Hunter's picture

Having a shot a lot of events, that just means you end up with 190 frames you don't use and have to delete.

Mark Strathmore's picture

Jokes aside (and clearly the first comment was just that); folks always down on new features, but then we’ve been lambasting camera manufacturers for lack of innovation. Personally, I’m loving this resurgence of innovation in an industry that was becoming all about “just noticeable difference” and awful UI from the 90’s. I say let the manufacturers let rip! For folks who don’t like the new things, or are Pro enough not to want them, there’s always Manual everything!

Abi Boentaran's picture

Insane priced Mirroless which will be junk next about putting more direct control buttons?

Dave Haynie's picture

I'm pretty sure I don't need another 75fps. But hey, having the fastest raw shooter in my OM-1 for a few months was fun! Donthey have full AF and stabilization working at 50fps yet?

Sure, goof on the high frame rates. But they don't remove a feature to get it... it's a freebie! Just snother tool in the box!